Sleeping difficulties

“I sought out help from Liz because I have been a poor sleeper for years; going to sleep okay but then waking up in the early hours. After my second session, I had the worst possible day at work but rather than lying awake for hours worrying I listened to the download of Liz’s relaxation and slept like a baby! It was amazing. Such a positive tool to take you into a calmer meditative state. Thanks Liz.”


“I have undergone several forms of therapy in the past 6 years to address the symptoms of PTSD to various levels of success. SFH with Liz has been a very valuable experience on two key levels: During and immediately after the sessions I experience a deep level of calm and am free from anxiety, this is no mean feat. But more significantly, I refer to the ‘homework’ regularly to bring myself ‘back’. The clarity and logic of the process explains how and why the exercises work with my thoughts which make the therapy clear and meaningful, and therefore, something I want to adopt and practice.”