I run interactive workshops for groups (up to 10 people) who wish to gain insight into what Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is and how it can be used to tackle a wide range of emotional issues and bring about effective change. Groups can be based in organisations, businesses or in the community.

I will explain how stress and anxiety from modern-day lifestyles can impact on both physical and emotional health, describing in simple terms how the brain works and how we become stuck in cycles of negativity which perpetuates feelings of anxiety, depression and anger. Most importantly, I shall share effective techniques that people can use to break free from negative cycles, focus on positive change and gain control of their lives. I shall highlight the benefits of important stages of our sleep patterns evidenced through neuroscience research.

Workshops also give people the opportunity to experience the benefits of guided relaxation within a safe environment. Most people find this part of the session very enjoyable, leaving them feeling relaxed, calm and positive. A complimentary download of my MP3 relaxation recording will be available to those who wish to enjoy improved sleep patterns.

Workshops are charged at £75 (1.5 hrs)